AARCC Ambassadors

General Information

The AARCC Ambassadors represent a diverse group of UIC faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community partners who work closely with Asian American students and/or have interest in Asian American issues. The roles and responsibilities of the Ambassadors include:

  • participate in providing vision for AARCC’s mission, goals, infrastructure, and programs
  • hear reports on activities and developments of AARCC
  • make recommendations to AARCC staff based on needs of various constituencies
  • act as a strategic group to advocate for AARCC and its needs when required
  • serve as a sounding board for vital issues relevant to AARCC when needed
  • attend AARCC public events and functions when possible
  • play an outreach role for AARCC in the community on and off campus
  • provide engaged support for the work and growth of AARCC

The Ambassador’s specific responsibilities can be flexible and evolving and subcommittees may be formed based on interests of individual members and needs of AARCC.


The AARCC Director, in consultation with other AARCC staff, selects members for the AARCC Ambassadors.  Member terms are typically an academic year and can be renewed.  If you are interested in serving as an AARCC Ambassador in the future, please e-mail us at aarcc@uic.edu.


The AARCC Ambassadors meet once a semester.  Since the group only meets once a semester, all members are expected to attend these meetings.  The next meeting will be Friday, September 30, 2016.

AARCC Ambassadors 2016 – 2017

Name Affiliation Department/Organization
Adithyan Subramanian Alumni Alumni
Andy Ng Staff Campus Housing
Anna Guevarra Faculty Global Asian Studies
Annette Wright Staff Office of the Dean of Student /Veteran Affairs
Ashley Tsurada Community Partner Apna Ghar
Athanasia Papaioannou Staff Women’s Leadership and Resource Center
Brenda Pinkett-Little Staff African-American Cultural Center
Carla Navoa Community Partner Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment
Carol Petersen Staff Wellness Center
Chandan Bhagia Staff Counseling Center
Chanita Schwartz Staff LAS Academic Advising
Charu Thakral Staff Office of Diversity – Dialogue Initiatives
Christine Wu Staff College of Dentistry
Donnie Chang Alumni Alumni
Elizabeth Herrera Staff School of Public Health-Career Services
Hideaki Noguchi Staff LAS Academic Advising
Hua Kao Staff Office of Financial Aid
Jill Huynh Staff Global Asian Studies
Jonathan Medrano Staff Native American Support Program
Karen Chiu Community Partner Project:VISION
Karen Su Faculty Global Asian Studies/UIC AANAPISI Initiative
Kathyy Battee-Freeman Staff Career Services
Ken Li Community Partner Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community
Kevin Trieu Community Partner Asian Health Coalition
Lorenzo Perillo Faculty Global Asian Studies
Mario Lucero Staff Latino Cultural Center
Mary Fleming Hughes Staff President’s Award Program
Mas Hoshi Alumni Alumni
Nashiha Alam Community Partner Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Chicago
Natasia Bongcas Staff Campus Housing
Nayoung Ha Community Partner Korean American Resource and Cultural Center
Nicole Nguyen Faculty College of Education
Radha Modi Faculty Global Asian Studies
Radhika Sharma Community Partner Apna Ghar
Rama Mantena Faculty Department of History
Rhonda Laylo Staff Campus Auxiliary Services Administration
Rob Moranetz Staff Recruitment
Sara Hall Faculty Office of Undergraduate Research
Symone Simmons Staff Gender and Sexuality Center
Tanya Cabrera Staff Office of Diversity – Equity and Inclusion of Undocumented Students


AARCC Student Ambassadors

The AARCC Student Ambassadors are leaders and will play a vital part in shaping community standards and creating a safe and inclusive atmosphere for all students. Student Ambassadors are also a part of the AARCC Ambassador Board.

Our student ambassadors have a desire to further the accessibility of the AARCC to their peers, and actively work as a team to amplify and carry through the mission of the AARCC.

AARCC Student Ambassadors 2016 – 2017

Anthoney Alonzo
Nader Cattan
Henry Chen
Pamela S. Gozon
Krystal Ng
Timothy Nguyen
Ram Patel