Pyro Paddlers Dragon Boat Team

Pyro Paddlers Dragon Boat Team


Pyro Paddlers Competing at Riverfest 2013

The Pyro Paddlers is a dragon boat team open to all (regardless of racial/ethnic/religious identity) current UIC students, faculty, staff and alumni. Though paddling experience is not required, being in good physical shape helps with the endurance needed to paddle in coordinated fashion with other team members. (Here, coordination is more important than strength, but if you have both...). Additional financial support for the team comes from UIC's Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans.

We have been competing in two local races each summer: the City of St. Charles Riverfest in June and the Chicago (Chinatown) Dragon Boat Race for Literacy in July.

We plan to have a social in April for paddlers to meet each other and get introduced to the sport and team. In May, we plan to have one dragon boat practice to determine our race line up in June. Another practice is held before each race which is required of paddlers who are racing. The time commitment is quite reasonable to be eligible to be assigned to the race roster - one May practice and the corresponding pre-race practice.

If you are interested in paddling for the team, subscribe to our listserv to stay in touch with team news and the call for paddlers in the spring.




Here's a video from 2012's Chinatown race: (You can see we have room to improve in 2013 on coordination!)



Here's another video about paddling technique:


Competition History:

Chicago Dragon Boat Race for Literacy

2008 - 17th out of 27 teams

2009 - 18th out of 31 teams

2010 - cancelled due to flooding

2011 - cancelled due to flooding

2012 - 7th out of 26 teams

2013 - 10th out of 26 teams

City of St. Charles/Pride of the Fox Riverfest

2011 - Saturday Competition - 1st of 8 teams in Lizard Division, 5th out of 13 overall

2012 - Saturday Competition - 4th of 4 teams in Komodo Division, 4th out of 10 overall

2013 - Saturday Competition - 7th of 8 teams in Komodo Division, 7th out of 14 overall