Supplemental Information Regarding Director Search


This web page is for general information for applicants and to communicate to the UIC community. Applicants, please do not send any materials to AARCC or to the Search Committee.


March 27, 2014: The AARCC director search committee has completed its first round of interviews and plans to invite finalists for on-campus visits some time in mid- to late-April. Visit schedules have yet to be confirmed.

April 21, 2014: Vist schedules are final.


May 15, 2014: All campus visits are completed. Evaluations were due May 9. Dr. Forman is speaking with constituent groups for further feedback.


July 16, 2014: Nothing to report. To our knowledge, no hire has been made.


August 4: Thomson's Interim Director position was extended through August 15, 2014. Then, she will end her position at AARCC.


Job Listing

The job listing details can be found at UIC Jobs Board.


General Text Information

The former text about the various collaborating units and Asian American community can now be found in the PDF and text file document.