AARCC-News Listserv

AARCC-News Listserv

Stay in touch with AARCC with our select mix of campus and community announcements. Weekly digest/index subscription formats are available. Subscribe or browse the archives.

To avoid overwhelming our subscribers, we give priority and consideration to the following for post submissions:

  • WHAT part of the announcement is of broad Asian American student focus or interest
  • WHERE is the event being held/announcement focused (on campus, near-campus)
  • HOW much is the cost of participation and are there student rates
  • WHEN is the event/deadline (we require at least 24 hours, and prefer more)

We recommend those with job postings to visit UICCareers.com.

Attachments are allowed on AARCC-News, but are linked for download rather than displayed in message. Please include all relevant information in the body of the message to account for those who may not look at attachments.

AARCC-News is sent out twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday during the academic year, with summer semester on a limited distribution.