Asian American Mentor Program: General Information

What is an AAMP Session?

The AAMP sessions, which are a Global Asian Studies 105 course, Asian American Identity and Culture, meet for one hour a week during the Fall Semester, give the Mentors and the Mentees the opportunity to meet up to discuss and learn about University life and Asian American identity.  Sessions cover topics that range from getting to know the UIC campus and neighborhood to in-depth discussion about Asian Americans and relationships, generation gaps. GLAS 105 will also provide students with tutors from the math and writing centers, to help you be successful here at UIC!

Who is eligible for AAMP?

Incoming undergraduate UIC first-year or transfer students who self-identify as Asian American and/or Pacific Islander are eligible to sign up for AAMP. Ethnic backgrounds may include Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Pakistani, Filipino, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai, Native Hawaiian, Fijian, Micronesian, or other Pacific Islanders, and anyone who has an interest in the Asian American, Pacific Islander community.

New or Prospective Students Resources


  1. How are the mentors & mentees matched up? Mentors and Mentees are paired up on a number of factors.  The most important are major and your session day. We also respect requests of being paired by gender for religious and/or cultural reasons.
  2. How are the mentors chosen? Mentors go through a rigorous process of a group and individual interviews where they are chosen for their ability to connect with others, serve as a good role model, and have the desire to make a positive impact on new students.   
  3. What is the time commitment? To be active in AAMP, you must attend your weekly session (1 hour per week) and stay in touch with your Mentor. If you are an active Mentee, you are given preference to attend the Big AAMP outings, i.e. ice skating, or a Chicago sports event (which are free of charge).  AAMP runs for the duration of the Fall semester.
  4. Do I have to take the Global Asian Studies 105 course to be in AAMP? Yes, all incoming first year or transfer students must sign up for the Global Asian Studies 105 course, Asian American Identity and Culture.
  5. How many classes do I have to come to weekly? You would come to one class a week.
  6. Can I come to the events but not the weekly class? Preference for attending events is given to Mentees who are attending sessions and are in touch with their Mentors.
  7. Can I hang out in the AARCC but not be a part of the mentoring program? Yes, all UIC students are welcome to come and use our center.
  8. Where is the Asian American Resource and Cultural Center (AARCC)? We are located in 101 Taft Hall.
  9. How do I become a Mentor? Mentors are recruited in the Spring semester, if you are interested come on in and ask for an application.
  10. Do I have to be a Mentee to become a Mentor? No.  Not all of our Mentors were Mentees previously.

If you are interested in participating as a Mentee for the Asian American Mentor Program. Please fill out the application below:


Application for FALL AAMP DUE August 19th, 2016

For more information, contact Jeffrey Alton 312-413-9653 or at