Photo of Legaspi, Giselle

Giselle Legaspi

Student Accounting Aide

Pronouns: She/Her


Giselle is an undergraduate student in her fifth year at UIC, majoring in Biochemistry. At AARCC, she is responsible in accounting duties such as managing the budget and keeping track of transactions. She also is a blogger for AARCC, managing the Facebook blogging page, "AARCCorner" which has posts regarding Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander issues and events going on around UIC and the world, written with an Asian American lense. She is active as a mentor in the Asian American Mentor Program (AAMP). Giselle is involved throughout the Asian American organizations on the UIC campus and hopes to spread cultural awareness throughout not only the UIC community, but throughout all of the Chicago area. Giselle is a second generation Filipino American, who grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Pronouns: she/her/hers