Mission, Vision, and Values

Who is AARCC?

The Asian American Resource and Cultural Center (AARCC, pronounced “ark”) is one of the six Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change and officially opened in spring of 2005 as a result of student efforts to ensure that UIC supports the needs of Asian Americans.

AARCC staff and their work are informed by theories of critical race, student development, community engagement, and leadership development.  As of fall 2014, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders make up 23% of undergraduates, 19% of the total student body, and 14% of faculty and staff at UIC.  AARCC is dedicated to educating the general campus about this diverse community.

AARCC’s Mission

AARCC promotes the intellectual and personal growth of UIC students, staff, and faculty; advocates for greater access, equity, and inclusion of Asian Americans; and educates the UIC community about Asian Americans.

AARCC’s Vision

AARCC will be a national leader in promoting the greatest academic and personal success of Asian Americans in higher education.

AARCC’s Values

  • Community: Foster a safe climate that provides a sense of belonging and enhances relationships of individuals.
  • Empowerment: Support individuals in reaching their greatest potential.
  • Engagement: Actively encourage the community to have meaningful participation in programs, events, and organizations.
  • Respect: Acknowledge and honor the diverse values and identities of individuals and communities.