*Funding Support will not be available through AARCC for the 2020-2021 school year. If you have questions, feel free to contact Alyson Kung at Akung5@uic.edu. Thank you for your understanding.


The Asian American Resource and Cultural Center has funds available to support student organizations, campus units, or individuals that focus on Asian American students, cultures or issues.

Types of proposals AARCC might fund include:
- Honorariums/contracts for speakers or entertainers
- Audio/visual or other equipment for events
- Registration fees for professional or student conferences
- Publicity, including copying or mailing costs

- Demonstrate significant impact on Asian American and/or Pacific Islander students, cultures or issues at UIC
- Have financial need for support

- Cash or gift certificate prizes
- Income generating events or fundraisers
- Donations
- Flights or Hotels


Please complete electronically the proposal form (including a budget – details below) and submit online, email it to aarcc@uic.edu or deliver a printed copy to AARCC at Taft Hall 101 by Friday at 9 a.m. at least three weeks before the event.

Please attach detailed budget that:

  • Lists all expenses and their amounts
  • Lists all funding sources – how much they are providing and for what expenses
  • Specifies the amount requested from AARCC and for what expenses

Expect about a week to process. AARCC will contact you with clarifying questions or a funding offer typically for a particular expense and a particular amount up to our discretion. If you are considering applying and want to discuss your planned proposal, please contact Alyson Kung at 312-413-9569 or aarcc@uic.edu.


Those funded must acknowledge the Asian American Resource and Cultural Center (do not abbreviate) on all publicity. Use of EPS high quality AARCC logos from https://tinyurl.com/y76x38m5 is preferred when possible. Copies of print and electronic publicity will need to be provided when finalized.

After funding, one of the three options need to be fulfilled. Failure to follow through with post-funding requirements will suspend further funding opportunities until requirements are met.

  • AARCC blog post (written, videoblog, etc), At least 500 words written at latest two weeks following the event. What did you learn? What are you taking away from this?
  • Lunchbox Event – Must be scheduled with AARCC at time of funding. Dependent on availability.
  • Cosponsor event – Must be scheduled with AARCC at time of funding. Dependent on availability.

Funding Proposal Form Online submission form

Funding Proposal File Printable Form