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Director Message


Academic Year 2022-2023


To the UIC Community:

On behalf of the AARCC Team, I welcome you to a new semester! The past couple of years have been challenging for all of us. From the pandemic lockdown, the rise of anti-Asian sentiment​s​, the insertion of work and school in our home environment​s​, the continuous injustices impacting minority groups, to the slow​ return to some level of "normalcy," we as a society have gone through a lo​t​​.​ Despite these trying times, AARCC​ continued to​ ​​​deliver programs, initiatives, events, and services​. ​

This academic year, AARCC looks forward to engaging students, staff, faculty, the Chicago community, and the UIC campus. Our theme this year is Recharge, Reboot, Reconnect, which reflects the time that we, as a community, took to center ourselves and prioritize our well-being, the passion within ourselves to move forward and take action, and the desire we have to be with community and create change.​ ​Below are​ some​ ways ​you can engage:

Attend Cultural Programs and Events

Throughout the semester, AARCC will host a number of cultural programs and events that explore identities and intersectionality, primarily through an Asian American lens. To stay up-to-date, be sure to “like” the AARCC Facebook Page or subscribe to AARCC News. You can also follow us on Instagram - @uicaarcc. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the main front page of the AARCC website to see our upcoming events.

Use Anti-Asian Bias Tools and Resources

If you have witnessed or have experienced anti-Asian violence or are interested in addressing anti-Asian bias, please consider using our Anti-Asian Bias Tools and Resources at

Take a Course in Global Asian Studies

UIC Global Asian Studies (GLAS) offers a number of courses open to UIC students, including this semester’s GLAS 105: Asian American Identities, Cultures & Communities, which is open to first-year students and in-coming transfer students. Anchored by a social justice framework, GLAS is composed of a vibrant community of award-winning scholars, beloved teachers and mentors, and fearless leaders and activists who seek to advance a critical understanding of contemporary issues through the interdisciplinary study of Asia and transnational Asian diasporas. GLAS now also offers a major, in addition to a minor!

Learn More about Culture and Social Change

UIC’s diverse campus includes the Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change, proud center-siblings of AARCC and with whom we collaborate extensively. Visit each center’s website to learn about them and what they have to offer. Also, the CCUSCs offer several opportunities for instructors and their students enrolled in UIC’s First-Year Seminars to engage.

I invite you engage with us this semester, and I wish you a safe and healthy new academic year.

With regards,

Mark R. Martell, PhD